Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thanks for Comin' Over

And as a reward for your diligent work in clicking the link from my previous blog and adding this new address to your Favorites, Here's $5:

Just spend $20 at Walgreens on January 31 and you'll get $5 off.

And here's the best tip I can pass along: keep in touch with Read her blog daily and not only will you learn of many great deals, you'll also learn the ins and outs of shopping at CVS and Walgreens and getting free stuff! Really! Last week I went to Walgreens and bought two tubes of mascara, a bottle of hair conditioner, a clearanced $.99 Rubbermaid container (that I had to throw in just to get my total over a negative) and paid $.79. Don't ever pay for shampoo, razors, deodorent, toothpaste, or otc medicine again!

Of course, it killed me today to have to go out and buy children's ibuprofen. My son woke up with a sudden and mysterious knee pain that was fairly crippling to him. I suspect it is from the baseball-style sliding he was doing on our hardwood floors yesterday. I have 5 bottles of Tylenol (all free), but had no children's ibuprofen! Argh.

And on a related note, my son goes to speech therapy at our local public school on Wed. afternoons. Well, he begged--with tears and threats and promises--not to go today because he was so embarrassed at having to limp and thought all the kids would stare at him. Well--this is the unbelievable part--MAGICALLY when we got to the school, he was able to walk fairly well--without any assistance from me! Before we left the house he couldn't walk without holding on to something or someone. And this is the most amazing part: When we got home, the pain returned full force! Wow. Now, I do not deny that he has a pain, but it is amazing how a little perspective (and pride) can make it so much more tolerable.

We're supposed to get our first snow accumulation of the season tonight and tomorrow, so I do hope for his sake that he's able to walk and sled tomorrow. I have a feeling he will be much improved should we wake to a winter wonderland!

Here's hoping for snowmen, a warm fire, and hot chocolate tomorrow!


Rob and Angela said...

WOW!!!!! This is the FRICKEN SWEETEST blog ever! I don't even know who I am anymore. Dang!

Kim said...

You are so sweet! Such heart-felt comendations are always welcome here. :-)