Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Newborns in Need

I wanted to let you know of a great volunteer opportunity and an organization worthy of your support. The boys and I go once a week to our local Newborns in Need. NiN is a charity organization that offers support to sick and needy babies and their families. They put together layettes for newborns and preemies that are delivered to local hospitals and given to any family who is in need. These layettes include a quilt, blanket, undershirts, booties, cap, washcloth, bottle, pacifier, burps and bibs, socks, gowns, small New Testament, toiletry items, a toy, and 6 diapers. Most of the items are made by volunteers. They also put together emergency packs for various ages of children who end up in the emergency room. This includes a change of clothing, blanket, toy, diaper, etc.--those items that would bring comfort to the child and be a practical help to the parent. NiN also provides support to families who lose an infant, to families at Ronald McDonald House, and they work with the local pregnancy center.

We've met some neat ladies who are giving much of their time and talents in sewing, knitting, and quilting for the needs of these little ones.

It's been a great place for us to serve as a family, as there are all sorts of odd jobs that the kids can do, plus each week is something different. We have stuffed boppies, assembled layette bags, assembled emergency bags, traced and cut out bips and burps, knotted quilts, sorted clothes, tied together booties, opened and sorted bottles and pacifiers, and more. No, it's not glamorous work; it's pretty mundane, but it's something we're capable of doing and it provides support to the other ladies so they can focus on sewing.

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