Thursday, February 14, 2008

Prayer Time Resources

The boys and I have a devotional/prayer time each morning. I thought I'd share a few things we've found beneficial.

We have kept a prayer journal for several years. It is a wonderful record of God's answers to prayers (the yes's as well as the no's).

We subscribe to the Voice of the Martyr's newsletters Kids of Courage. You simply have to sign up on their website to receive this free resource. We pay $15 a term to get a "Bold Believers in . . . " book. This typically focuses on one country or people group. We use it throughout our 12-week term to focus our prayers and learn a little bit about the country. This term we've learned about how the Christian Chinese are being persecuted even worse due to the impending Olympics in Beijing. China is expelling suspected missionaries and welding Christians inside their homes under house arrest! They want to make sure no Christian influence enters with the Olympics! That will cause us to see the olympics in a new light this year, and help us remember to pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in China.

The other resource we enjoy is Samaritan's Purse PrayerPoint. They send these out every two months, and there is a prayer focus each week. You can read them online here or receive one in the mail for any size donation (we get them in the mail for our participation with their Shoebox Ministry each Christmas). This organization is amazing in its scope of reach and relief. Noah has been moved to give his tithes to Samaritan's Purse.
For my personal devotions I enjoy using Praying the Bible for Your Children by Heather and David Kopp. This book constructs focused prayers using Bible verses. I have used it over and over. The same authors have written another book titled Praying the Bible with Your Family that is similar in nature with appropriate prayers to be read-aloud.
I'll follow-up with Devotional and Bible study resources in a separate post. Stay tuned!

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