Saturday, March 29, 2008

Chlorella and Spirulina

Doesn't sound like something you should eat, does it? Sounds more like a reason to thoroughly wash your hands! But I've been "eating" them (in the form of swallowing pills) for about three weeks now, and I have to tell you that the changes have been amazing. Within 15 minutes of taking my first Spirulina, my mood lifted. I've only taken a nap one day since taking them (previously an everyday requirement). My appetite has been suppressed, and I have had very little craving for sweets.

So what is this stuff? Here is an excert from this free e-book:

Both chlorella and spirulina are microscopic plants that grow in fresh water. They're actually called micro-algae, since they are microscopic forms of algae. These micro-algae contain an astounding array of nutritional elements: vitamins, macrominerals, trace minerals, essential fatty acids, protein, nucleic acids (RNA and DNA), chlorophyll, and a vast spectrum of phytochemicals. They are thought to contain every nutrient required by the human body.

Of the nutritive substances we know about, however, here's what you find in chlorella and spirulina:

  • High-quality complete protein that is more dense and more digestible than any animal-derived protein. (Chlorella is 58% protein.)
  • All the known B vitamins, including vitamin B12 which is almost never found in plants.
  • Vitamin C.
  • Vitamin E.
  • Macrominerals: calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium and many more.
  • Trace minerals.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids including GLA.
  • Mucopolysaccharides.
  • Beta-carotene.
  • Nucleic acids (RNA & DNA).
  • Chlorophyll.
As I have previously mentioned, I've been reading books on how to heal depression naturally. Many of them recommended certain vitamins and minerals, but just then the Lord directed my path to learning about Chlorella and Spirulina, and it supplies naturally all the vitamins and minerals that I was about to go buy in artificial form!

Here is another excerpt from the introduction page to the book, explaining some of the benefits of Chlorella and Spirulina:

Which superfood provides twelve times more digestible protein than beef.

How these superfoods actually rebuild nerve tissue in the brain and throughout the body.

The truth about how one superfood has been shown to kill breast cancer tumors outright.

Why these superfoods would cost $100 a pill if they could be patented and classified as drugs.

The reason why these superfoods are called "the perfect food" for the human body.

How these superfoods provide critical nutritional help for those on high-protein / low-carb diets.

The surprising facts of how these superfoods provide a complete protein (all eight essential amino acids) that's rarely found in the plant kingdom.

The cancer-fighting truth that modern medicine doesn't want you to know: there's a blue pigment in spirulina that shrinks cancer tumors.

How these superfoods correct a common nutritional deficiency that results in poor cardiovascular health and increased risk of osteoporosis.

Why you can throw out all your "bulk" vitamins and minerals once you start eating these superfoods: they provide every vitamin and mineral needed for human health in natural form, straight from nature, not from a chemical factory.

How chlorella contains far more calcium than milk (and all-important magnesium, too, which is almost completely absent in milk).

Why these superfoods are vastly superior to coral calcium when it comes to getting macrominerals and trace minerals from natural sources.

How these two superfoods help regulate blood sugar and reduce cravings for carbohydrates.

The astounding facts about how these superfoods actually remove heavy metals from your body: metals like mercury, cadmium, lead and arsenic.

The truth about how one nutrient found in one of these superfood boosts brain function and literally increases mental capacity.

Why people with silver dental fillings absolutely must take these superfoods to protect their nervous systems from damage.

Which superfood is best for people with chronic liver disorders or who have a history of smoking or drinking.

The shocking truth of how one group of students improved their academic scores by 81% from taking a tiny dose of one of these superfoods for six months.

How certain ingredients in these superfoods help your body repair DNA damage to boost its immune function and even reverse cancer.

The astounding truth of how one group of patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation actually quadrupled their two-year survival rates by taking a single dose of chlorella!

How one ingredient found in spirulina protects against arthritis, multiple sclerosis, asthma, and cardiovascular disease -- all at the same time!

The facts on how these two superfoods can protect you from pesticides, PCBs, and other environmental toxins that are simply unavoidable in today's food supply.

Well researched recommendations on where to buy spirulina and chlorella at the absolute best prices on the Internet (you could be overpaying by 200% or more if you buy the famous brands for these superfoods. I'll show you where to get them at a fraction of the price from trusted sourced.) As always, I have no financial ties with the sources I recommend. I accept no advertising revenues.


Marty said...

That was interesting about Chlorella and Spirulina. How much do you take and where do you get it? I am still drinking the Diet Coke and know I should stop. Yes, pizza and popcorn are only good with soday. How was the Jane Austen Book Club?


Kim said...

I bought mine at I take 6 Spirulina three times a day and 3 chlorella three times a day. I'll up the dosage once my body gets more used to it, particularly the chlorella. It can cause diarrhea and nausea otherwise.

I crave Diet Pepsi quite a bit, but after giving in and having one can last Sunday evening, I saw the results: I couldn't stop eating sweets the rest of the night, I couldn't wake up the next morning, and I was sleepy the whole next day.

So, I had tea with my pizza last night, and later sucked on a piece of dark chocolate, didn't have any ice cream when the boys got it out, and didn't even think about having any the rest of the night! When the boys had their ice cream, I thought, "I'll have some later this evening," and then totally forgot! A HUGE difference for me. My cravings have not been a problem since starting the S&C.

The only inconvenient thing about taking the S&C is that I have to use the restroom more frequently because I'm taking in so much water to swallow the pills three times a day.

The Jane Austen Book Club wasn't good--I wouldn't recommend it. There is a lesbian relationship, and one scene is more explicit than I ever care to see. I had no idea the movie was going to be like that. It wasn't worth the time.