Saturday, March 1, 2008

Homeschool Expo

We participated in the SHEM Homeschool Expo this year, and the boys did very well! Here is Noah with "Best in Show" and a "1" for his film A Day at the Library, which he also won last summer's TeenTakes Library video contest with. (See it here on YouTube.) George Lucas: watch out! There's a new kid in town. Noah also entered a celtic knot drawing and a rock sculpture/candle holder he made and received a "1" for both. Way to go Noah!

Micah entered his ocean life diorama, pictured here, for which he received a "2". He received a "1" on his potholders, cross-stitch dolphins, humpback whale painting, and wooden CD holder. He received a "2" on his Pinewood Derby car. Good job, Micah!

We're so proud of our boys!

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