Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Mood Cure

I am reading a book titled The Mood Cure: The 4-Step Program to Take Charge of Your Emotions--Todayby Julia Ross, M.A. This is one of several books I've been reading to try to find natural cures to depression. I appreciate Ms. Ross for recognizing that the term "depression" encompasses too large a category to fit everyone's circumstance.

Chapter Two includes a four-part mood-type questionnaire that breaks down the four most common mood imbalances, helping to identify your particular mood imbalance. Subsequent chapters are devoted to each of the four mood imbalances and include what your body may be lacking and specifics on how to correct it with nutrition and supplements. Each chapter is fairly detailed--but easy reading--on just how the body functions and how the food and supplements impact mood.

I also appreciate that Ms. Ross recognizes that mood imbalances can be genetic; however, that does not mean change is impossible. It is a matter of finding how your particular body is imbalanced, and taking steps to change it.

The four most common mood imbalances are described as:

Lifting the Dark Cloud: Eliminating the Depression and Anxiety caused by inadequate serotonin.

Blasting the Blahs: Rebuilding your energy, motivation, and capacity to focus.

All Stressed Out: How to recover from adrenal overload

Too Sensitive to Life's Pain? How to amplify your own comforting endorphins.

The book also offers practical help identifying bad-mood foods, setting up a master plan, good-mood recipes, and putting together a mood repair program. The five bad-mood foods are identified as: Sweets, White Flour, Wheat, Bad Fats, and Soy.

She also offers "Tool Kits" with further information on how to find practitioners and get the right type of testing, supplements, etc.; thyroid, adrenal, and sex hormone testing and rebalancing; and a food craving tool kit. Yes, she claims there are supplements you can take to even-out your blood sugar and stop the starch and sugar cravings!! However, I have found that I do not have near the food cravings after having cut diet soda and sugary foods from my diet.

I would highly recommend The Mood Cureand The Brain Chemistry Dietif you are struggling with any type of mood disorders.

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