Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Aldi is an international food market that entered the U.S. in 1976. They carry approx. 1,300 of the most frequently used grocery products. It is a no-frills market, which means you have to bring a quarter to release your shopping cart (you get it back when you return the cart) and bring your own bags (or you can buy paper bags for $.05 a piece). You bag your own groceries as well.

The cost-savings at Aldi is significant, and the quality is equal to any other grocery store. There are no "sales" and they do not accept coupons--they truly do employ "everyday low prices." They do accept food stamps, debit cards, Discover card, and cash. In fact, they have a double money back guarantee--if you get a bad product, they will replace it, plus your money back.

The Aldi website has a page of recipes too! You may have to sign up on the site to access the page. They offer a meal planner, customized shopping list, and customized cookbook.

Here is the main Aldi USA home page, where you can view some really corny commercials. Or go here to choose to view the Aldi site in one of the 17 other countries where they exist.


Sonshine said...

I love Aldis! However, I have found that some of their products just don't measure up to the name brands in taste. One example is cheese curls...I much prefer Cheetos brand over Aldi brand!

Thanks for sharing. :) I had forgotten about their recipes!

ruth said...

I really like their cake mixes. Their chocolate cake is better than any brand name.