Saturday, May 24, 2008

Confessions of a Book Addict

A Book

There is no frigate like a book
To take us lands away,
Nor any coursers like a page
Of prancing poetry.
This traverse may the poorest take
Without oppress of toll;
How frugal is the chariot
That bears a human soul!

Emily Dickinson

It's that time of year again--time for the Book Shuffle. We've ended our school year, so it's time to pack away the old, decide what needs to go, and pull out the next year's books from storage. The boxes of books above are what I'll be selling (hopefully) at the SHEM Used Curriculum Sale on June 5.

Some of the books are hard to part with; however, I've tried to steadfastly hold to my resolve to pare down my book collection. But it hurts. Not only have we developed relationships with these books, but these things go through my mind: what if one of my kids wants to look at this book again? what about my grandchildren? what if we would happen to have a foster or adopted child later in life that we do not foresee right now?--these arguments are enough to make me want to jump up and unpack all those books!

I have to remind myself that I could purchase these books again, and the price of storing them has its own costs. I actually considered renting a storage facility for books and other such stuff that I want to hold on to, but that are crowding us out of our 1200 sq. ft. home. Then the thought occurred to me: What is worth $50 a month to store? Nothing that I couldn't buy again if need be! Right?


Tara said...

I really understand how you feel. I love books so much.. I really cannot part with them.. just something about getting rid of a book. Recently my husband put up 6 more bookshelves for me to help solve my "books in tubs" problem lol

Kim said...

I wish I had the space for 6 more bookshelves! I'm even considering putting bookshelves along the ceiling down the hallway. Now that is desperate! But the dusting nightmare that would be is giving me pause.