Saturday, May 10, 2008

Stay-at-Home Moms Worth Nearly $117,000

It's about time someone put some figures to the worth of a stay-at-home Mom!

I personally think the figure is way too low because it does not include the amount of money saved by a Mom not working. By not working: I do not have to spend money on career attire; my income does not increase our tax burden; I do not have to eat my lunches out (or eat unhealthy, packaged foods); I can cook healthy meals from scratch, lowering our food costs and not being tempted to grab fast-food; I have no day-care expenses; I am not using fuel on a commute; and I have time to bargain shop, which "earns" our family a decent amount.

And, of course, there is no price tag that can be placed on being there for my boys with the love, time, and nurture only Mom can provide.

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