Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What Doesn't Work for Me:

Garage Sales. Hate them. Don't like rifling through other people's junk. Even worse: having a garage sale! Donate your extras and leftovers to those less fortunate who may appreciate it. We keep a "give-away box" in the garage for everything we come across that we no longer fit or need.

Coffee. Can't stand the stuff. Why in the world drink something you have to "acquire" a taste for?? And what's annoying is that there is free coffee everywhere, or at least "bottomless" coffee cups at most coffee shops, but where is the free tea?

Wal-Mart. Haven't shopped there in about four years, and don't miss it a bit! Try it!

Schedules. I've tried so many--a new one comes out every time I'm feeling a bit out of control with life. But I find that life just doesn't fit into schedules as well as it does into routines. Routines allow for the God-ordained interruptions that happen in a day without getting uptight.

Dogs. They're cute to look at, but no fun to own. After a lifetime of trying to find the right dog, I finally figured out I'm a cat person when a dear friend gave me Hank. I never loved an animal like Hank, and still grieve his absence.

e-books. Nothing like getting comfy and holding the real thing in your hands.

Reality TV. Just don't get the appeal. Who cares? Too much drama for me.

Trying to change my husband. It doesn't work, it only leads to quarrels, and it's arrogant. He is a really cool guy, but he doesn't do everything the way I do. The more I appreciate who he is, the less need I have to change him.


~Rhen said...

We stopped shopping at China Mart a couple of years ago (for several reasons) and have not looked back. It is amazing how much money we save not shopping there!
I love my hubby as is as well. He is exactly what God would have him to be and that is perfect for me.
Great post!

Family O'Foxes said...

Amen to your post. Except I watch reality tv. :)

good post.

ttelroc said...

Great list! I love that you wrote you aren't a dog person - I'm not either and sometimes it seems to be a lonely world if you don't WANT to own a dog. My cat and I are inseperable lol

I like to change in others what I personally need to change about myself. Funny how that works. I never realize that's the case until I stand back and see what I'm doing.

Have a great day!

Elizabeth Sue said...

A store called World market has free tea! Good Luck!