Wednesday, June 4, 2008

American Government Resources

I have compiled a list of American Government sites and resources to share with you today. Even if you don't have kids, some of the information and quizzes can be quite interesting.

Sites for information on each president:

Watch c-span video program for each president:

Good portrait pages:

Black & White portraits:

Presidents of the United States:

Good president bio page, includes famous quote and major achievements:

General Information on the Presidential Office:

Listen to Hail to the Chief in different styles here: then create your own style.

Traditional style here:

Apply for President’s job:

Apply for President’s job:

So you want to be president? by Judith St. George

President’s quiz:

Learn the president’s duties:

Online presidential quiz:

Duck for President by Doreen Cronin

Jobs of the President:

How caucuses work:

How the Electoral college works:

Mt. Rush more blast trivia game:

The President’s cabinet described:

Make a list of who sits on the current cabinet. and

Read The President’s Cabinet and How it Grew by Nancy Winslow Parker

Find out what the President did this week:

Branches of the Government:

How laws are made interactive site:

White House and DC:

Virtual tour of the white house:

Worksheet for map of DC:


A More Perfect Union DVD and Teacher’s Guide can be purchased here:

We the People song:

Entire Schoolhouse Rock song here:

Miracle at Philadelphia by Catherine Drinker Bowen

Site for Constitution education:

US Landmarks:

Map the US landmarks:

Other Resource:

Drive Thru America from National Day of Prayer can be purchased here:

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