Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Random Things about Me

1. I like a clean car, though you could hardly tell it sometimes!

2. I like to plan and organize, better than the follow-through.

3. I have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and hate winter. I begin feeling apprehension in the autumn when the leaves begin to fall and nurseries close.

4. I have a stronghold of inferiority that I am attempting to overcome with the Lord's help and the Identity in Christ study we're doing in a small group at church.

5. We have been attending Christ Community Church for a year in October. I am so thankful we finally found a church home after a two year search.

6. I'm an anglophile. I love British TV, movies, and novels. I've been there twice and hope to take my kids there again.

7. I hate ironing.

8. Disorder and chaos in my environment cause my brain to feel the same.

9. I love my laptop--thank you hubby.

10. I'm an introvert. As fun as it is to be with others on occasion, I must come home and wind down.

11. I hate to cook, but like to bake (especially if someone else is doing the dishes).

12. I do not like shopping.

13. I must read before I can go to sleep at night.

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