Friday, December 19, 2008

A Webkinz-style Birthday

Micah and his friend are Webkinz fans, so it was a natural fit to incorporate Webkinz into his birthday. His cake is fashioned to look like the Wheel of Wow on the Webkinz site--a game they enjoy playing. I used M&M's for the different colors. I could have used colored sugars or icing, but I'm all for adding extra chocolate whenever possible.

I made a Wheel of Wow spinner out of a piece of poster board and six colors of paper. I filled six bags with multiple prizes, color-coded to the spinner. They had a fun time spinning and reaching their hand into the bag to pull out a treat. I included packs of gum, webkinz-sized clothes I found at Hobby Lobby and at Deals, silly putty, and bookmarks I made. To make the bookmarks I copied and pasted webkinz characters, wrote a catchy little line (such as "hop into a good book" for the kangaroo), printed, then laminated them.

Next they made collars for their Webkinz. I provided strips of felt ribbon, sharpies, gems, glue, and velcro and let them create.

For the finale, they both received a new lil'kinz which they made a collar for, then ran to the computer to add them and start playing.

Happy Birthday, Micah!

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Jenni said...

What a great idea for the Wheel of Wow game! I'm definitely logging that away...