Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Days

As the ice began to fall here Monday night we got in the mood by creating our own indoor snowstorm. We used fishing line to tape our homemade snowflakes to the ceiling, and the effect is fun, helping to brighten these gloomy days of winter.

Public school has been canceled here the last three days. A "snow day" for homeschoolers simply means we get much more school done since we're stuck indoors! We'll have "spring days" to distract us later. We did have a snowball fight in the backyard, then went sledding with friends yesterday. Today the snow stuck enough for Micah to make a snowman, which met its end tragically through decapitation. Micah explained he was a sad snowman anyway because he was an archeologist who discovered that snow does not fossilize, but only melts.

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