Monday, January 19, 2009

To My Future Daughters

Ever try getting two boys into aprons? It ain't easy. So--my future daughter-in-laws--I hope you appreciate it because they did it for you. Here's the story:

I have had this stained tablecloth that was my Grandma Fritz's for many years. Each Christmas I see it in our decorations box, but never know quite what to do with it. I look at it, feel a bit guilty for not using it, then put it away. This year as we were packing up the decorations I was culling such items and nearly decided to throw it away when the thought hit me: make aprons out of it.

Initially I was going to make an apron for myself, but as I was making them the thought occurred to me that although I have no daughters to pass these down to, I will have daughter-in-laws. So, I made these with those two ladies in mind. And I then convinced my (fairly unimpressed) sons that their future wives will love to see what they looked like when their momma made these aprons. So, here we are. I hope you appreciate it, girls.

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