Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Election Education

My 13yo has been asking questions lately like "Who are we voting for?" and "What's the difference in the political parties?" And I'm scrambling for answers, honestly.
One resource I've found helpful is Richard Mayberry's "Are You Liberal, Conservative, or Confused?" We have previously read "Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?" and "Whatever Happened to Justice?" by the same author. I appreciate Mr. Mayberry's honesty and candor that no one can be truly objective, and he doesn't pretend to be. He takes us back to the founding fathers and what their intentions truly were. I've gained a new appreciation for how truly far-sighted and wise those men were.

The book is written as letters from "Uncle Eric." The chapters are short, well written and easy to understand. He labels himself as a "juris naturalist," which is Latin for Natural Law, which he summarizes:

"Higher Law is the belief that right and wrong are not matters of opinion. Like the laws of physics, chemistry and biology, right and wrong are a given, something that we must learn and apply. They cannot be made up by politicians or anyone else. They are part of what humans are, our Creator gave them to us. They have been built into our DNA.

"When obedience to Higher Law is widespread, life gets better. When it's not, life gets worse.

"Higher Law is above any government's law, and when a government violates Higher Law, life for most of society gets worse"

It looks like this book is going to be effective in helping both of us understanding the political process a little better.

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