Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday

Doesn't feel so super here. I'm still exhausted from the Blue & Gold Banquet yesterday. More than a physical exhaustion, it's that whole introvert thing. And--if I can be totally honest--it's dealing with a family that would test the patience of a saint. Just as I sat down at the banquet and was wondering where my husband and children were, I called and found out that his car was broke down across town and I needed to pick up the children. Thank goodness for cell phones and AAA.

The excitement didn't end there. On the way home our son, in the back seat of the van, said he heard a hissing noise. When we pulled into the garage and opened our doors, we could all hear the hissing coming very loudly from our back tire. God is good. That's all you can think at a time of such exhaustion. We were all home, we have a spare, and it was not yet raining. God is good.

Don't forget to vote today. You're all registered voters, right? I hope so.

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