Friday, February 8, 2008


It was a necessity in generations past, but began to fall out of vogue after WWII when women were "liberated" from being homemakers and America began enjoying the prosperity of two-income families. I'm encouraged to see lately that many women have realized the lie of "you can have it all," and are yearning to go back home. The problem is, our economy has also grown accustom to the two-income family, making it very difficult to live on a single one.

This poster reminds me of a recent incident of frugality in my home. Two of my husband's slacks had broken clasps. Rather than throwing them out and buying new slacks, I pulled out the sewing machine and made button holes. I don't think I've made a button hole since jr. high, but I did it! (I must admit it didn't look very professional, but with a belt on it is not noticeable.) I "earned" at least $60 for our family that afternoon by not having to replace two pairs of pants for my husband!

Challenge yourself to consider how you can USE IT UP - WEAR IT OUT - MAKE IT DO!

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