Monday, February 11, 2008

My Testimony

We had to write out our testimony for the "Discovery Class" we're attending at Christ Community Church. I thought I'd share it here as well:

I do not have a before and after story. My life would not make a good reality tv program. Even though my Mom didn’t accept the Lord until I was a young child, and my Dad never fully did, I was still brought up in the church and have always had a love for Jesus. I remember as a 3 year old child weeping at the picture of Jesus crucified in my Bible.

That’s not to say that I haven’t had times of extreme shallowness in my life; times that I decided to try life on my own. During those times, no matter how much “fun” I was having, I was still insecure. My security in life was based on my friends, my boyfriends, and ultimately my acceptance by others. Those are very thin threads to hang your life by.

His goodness and patience amazes me. I can see throughout my life, even during those times of shallow living, that God still had His hand on me and was still directing my life. He so often didn’t give me what I thought I wanted, and did give me what He knew I needed. The greatest example of that is my husband. When I met Tracey I was vulnerable, searching; easy prey. Statistics say I should have married someone very much like my Dad, but instead the Lord led me into the arms of the man just for me. To think even in that one circumstance what He saved me from humbles me and causes my heart to praise Him for his eternal goodness.

My journey with the Lord has been just that: a journey. It grows each year and each day and is not finished. In more recent times, the Lord has been teaching me complete trust in Him in all areas of my life, from homeschooling decisions, to releasing my children’s safety and future to Him. I cannot imagine anything scarier than living life believing that human beings are ultimately in control!

Jesus and his eternal promises are where my peace lies. My heart breaks for those who are trying to do life on their own; who do not have the ultimate hope of eternal life in Heaven. I still get upset and uptight over my earthly problems, but He’s teaching me to put them in the perspective of His plan.

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