Monday, June 16, 2008

Bills IQ

See how financially fit you are with this Bills IQ test. It takes less than five minutes to do, and gives tips and suggestions at the end. No obligations.


Anonymous said...

Very cool... I scored in the 90's but need to get a Will and also think more about insurance (i have no idea if I am getting a good rate).

I thought it was easy to take and helped me. Questions: is the same as ?

They both look the same to me and I got the same score on both.

Kim said...

Good job. Sounds like we're similar. A will is something we know we should do, but just haven't gotten around to doing it since our first born was about 2 (he's now 14).

I have no idea if the two sites are the same. Sounds like it.

Latte: said...

94%...the will got me too...that is sad.