Thursday, June 19, 2008

The House that Jack Built

Remember the old nursery rhyme about the house that Jack Built?

Here's my version, and one reason why this blog has been so quiet:
This is the toilet that sprang a leak
That seeped under the linoleum into the hall
That ruined the flooring connected to all.

This is the hall and front room
That currently have no flooring
That we might as well (while its empty) start painting.

This is the kitchen cabinet door
That I have to detach
That I carry around to find flooring to match

This is the baseboard and door trim (turn your head sideways)
That we decided we should take this opportunity to replace
That necessitates buying new doors to match our new place.

This is the family room carpet that needs to be replaced
That adjoins the soon-to-be new kitchen floor
That we would be silly to ignore.

This is the wall made of paneling and spackling
That makes sense to tear down while the floor is bare
That we'll hire to have drywalled because we don't dare.

This is half of the built-in shelving
That will need to be torn down to put in the new drywall
That will have to be rebuilt after all.

This is the ceiling of family room and kitchen
That we scraped off the popcorn and really messed up
That is time to get fixed while the rooms are torn up.

This is the ceiling of the bathroom
That we tried again to scrape off the popcorn
That we thought we could paint but were wrong.

This is wall of the bathroom
That needs to have the tiles taken off and be re-drywalled
That will then allow the floor tiles to be installed.

This is the sad, tired curtain in the front room
That is time to replace
Since we're improving our space

This is the desk currently displaced to the garage
That is too big for our room, (we've known for a while)
That we're trying to find a replacement for with function and style.


Sonshine said...

LOL!!! Oh does this scene look familiar!! I have been there done that!!! And now that it is summer time here, hubby thinks that it is time to do more "building"/"destruction" in and/or outside the house! Right now, my side entry door has no screen door on it because we are in the process of putting on a new one. BUT before we do...hubby has to wood putty the old holes and paint the door jams!

Thanks for stopping by...You asked about freezing baked goods. Are you putting them in the bags and then into the freezer while the goods are still warm? Are you putting the goods on the door of your freezer? Are you waiting too long before using your freezer baked goods? Those three things I have found to be the cause of most baked goods tasting freezer burned. My method is to wait til the baked goods are totally cold. Put in a freezer bag suck the air out of the bag. Place in the freezer, not on the door. Use the goods within 3 months of placing them in the freezer. When I go to use the freezer goods esp. quick breads/muffins I will put in the microwave for 20 seconds after pulling them out the freezer and they have a fresh out of the oven taste to them. You don't want to put the goods in a spot where they are going to be touching the ice that forms in the freezer between defrosting and you don't want them where they are going to be exposed to the air once they are frozen(ie freezer door). If your goods end up touching the ice/frost that builds up in the freezer I would recommend getting some baskets from the dollar store to stick your bags of goods in your freezer. HTH!

Jane Petrak said...

Call the Cardoza's for dry wall. I will pray for peace of mind.
I finally learned how to make comments. i always read your blog.Loved your defense of home school.
Hugs to all,

jamie in rose cottage said...

Wow, I wished my stress produced humorous poetry like that! I've been through some similar kinds of things myself... hang in there! :-)