Saturday, July 19, 2008

liberty cannot exist apart from transparency

". . . inauthentic people are ineffective people
. . . liberty cannot exist apart from transparency."

I read that this evening in Beth Moore's Get Out of That Pit. It really hit a cord with me, and resonated with what I've always believed and have attempted to live. I have sometimes taken huge risks to share myself honestly because I believe that we really cannot grow until we do. We cannot live in authentic community with others, particularly in the Church, if we do not allow some vulnerability.

I find it very difficult when I have friends who seem to hold up barriers, usually in the name of privacy. Certainly modesty should always be observed, as well as an avoidance of slander or gossip. There are lines of what should and should not be shared, particularly when it involves another person. But those instances aside, I do believe we're doing ourselves and others a disservice when we keep all our struggles neatly packaged away, only to be brought out in moments of solitude.

God is the only healer, but He often uses others as the helping hand out of the pit. Relationships are God's design. What could you be missing by not being authentic? Think about it.

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