Friday, July 18, 2008

I know I have sadly neglected this blog the last month. I'm afraid to look at my hit statistics. Which brings up an interesting question: Who do I write for? And why? I'm not going to answer that question here, but it's still an interesting one.

We're (still) in the middle of a house remodel and it's sapping the life out of me, particularly when I just discovered yesterday that the paint store (Sherwin Williams) gave us flat paint instead of the semi-gloss we asked for, so now I have to repaint my entire family room and kitchen!! That just whipped the air right out of me, knocked me to my knees, broke the camel's back . . . you get the idea. I'm tired.

I have discovered two things about myself through this remodel: I do not deal well with disorder. Not at all. Living in chaos causes my mind to feel in chaos as well. I'm finding it hard just to do the basic things, like make dinner. Our eating out budget has surpassed all limits, and so has my wasteline. This realization (and the condition of my son's room) has caused me to contemplate how our God created the world in such perfect order. It's no wonder that we function best in order.

The second thing I've discovered about myself is that I have somewhat of a one-track mind. Sure, I'm a Mom and can multi-task like the rest of the species, but I'm having a very hard time keeping concentration and giving serious thought to school planning, vacation planning, meal planning. Hmmm, I seem to do a lot of planning.

I wish I had all kinds of witty communication to offer you. I really do. You'd think I would have all kinds of household tips and anecdotes about this remodel, but they're alluding me if they're there. Let me think . . .

. . . if you leave your newly stained baseboard trim outside the birds will make target practice out of it. Seriously, do we walk around on that much poop? That reconfirms my conviction to not wear shoes in the house.

. . . kids grow out of their desire to be helpful, so take advantage of it while you can. Unfortunately, it's right when their assistance is really the most helpful that they decide their ipod is way more interesting than your project.

. . . take your estimated expenses and triple them. Then double that. There you've arrived at what you'll actually spend.

. . . when you find yourself saying, "well, since we're doing 'x' we might as well do 'y'" that is time to throw out the caution flag, then use it to stuff your mouth with.

. . . comfort food is appropriately named. Comfort food for me is anything that contains sugar or melts in your hand.

I'll leave you with a peaceful Van Gogh:

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