Friday, September 12, 2008


I had heard rave reviews about the SuperMom vitamin for some time before I decided to give it a try. I immediately noticed that I had more energy and no longer felt compelled to take a nap in the afternoon, but just got used to the feeling and took it for granted. You don't really appreciate something until you lose it.

I saw that I was coming near the end of the bottle, didn't have time to order more before vacation, so stopped taking them to save them for my higher-energy needs on vacation. It took me a few days to realize why I was sooo tired everyday! I realized there was no way I could do vacation without these vitamins. I frantically got on the phone and tried to find a local retailer to no avail, and neither could I get the company to overnight a supply, SO I ordered them and had them mailed to our hotel in Virginia. That's how desperately I need these vitamins!

I'm sure the vitamins contribute generously to the health of my body in other ways that I am completely unaware of. And I imagine a parallel could be drawn to other areas in my life: eating healthy, keeping right relationships, spending time in the Word and prayer. The results are not always immediately obvious (no Moses glow here), but the behind-the-scenes work is happening and contributing to my character and the person/friend/mother/wife I am.

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