Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The cats have gained another life. I have been desperately wanting to find another home for these cats, but just as desperately don't want to break the hearts of two boys. One of my problems with these felines is the litter boxes. Because we do not have a utility room, the litter boxes were in each boy's room. Not only is odor a problem due to the fact that I have a bionic nose, but they were tracking litter onto the hardwood floors throughout the rest of the house. I guess I must walk with my eyes permanently scanning the floor, because not a speck escapes my attention, and it was driving me crazy.

My hubby installed the cat door on Sunday, the litter boxes and food were moved to the garage, and I now have litter-free floors!!

Getting this picture of Ginger in the garage was not easy. "Sit, stay" is not in a cat's vocabulary.

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