Friday, April 11, 2008

I told ya'all (hey, this is the Ozarks) about the benefits I've been experiencing by taking Spirulina and Chlorella, so I wanted to pass along this offer I saw from Earthrise for a free sample of Spirulina. Try it!


green girl said...

Thanks kim for the link for free spirulina samples. i logged on and put a request for some! I just started to take spirulina about one month exactly. I take 6 caplets a day. I bought the powder form but i have yet to try it. i have read that the flakes are very good on top of things too but havent tried it that way either. how do you take it? also, i keep hearing about the other supplement you mentioned but have not tried read about it enought to try it. I get my spirulina from and i also am taking astaxanthin (another helpful algae). I noticed when taking the spirulina that you HAVE to drink lots of water, it does a number on your intensines if you dont! thanks again for your info!!

Kim said...

I take 6 caplets three times a day. It naturally causes me to drink a lot of water just to swallow that many caplets, so I haven't noticed a need to take in any more liquids. The chlorella can cause stomach upset, so I only take a max of 3 three times a day, and will build up to more eventually. Thanks for the info on I hadn't heard of that, but will check it out.